Smart Cycling Tour

Play based learning concept suitable for family with kids. Learning science, social, and some games.

Distance4 km
Duration2 hour
Start PointNanggulan
Tour Timing 06.30  / 15.00
Rp 200.000

Nanggulan Fun Cycling

Cycling with several stops to finish all the challenge from us. Recommended for short escape tour.

Distance11 km
Duration 3 hour
Start PointNanggulan
Tour Timing06.30 / 15.00
Rp 400.000  Rp 300.000

Passionate Route

Cycling path along the river in a countryside. Biking with hills and ricefields view. Recommended for roadbiker/folding bikers.

Distance17-20 km
Duration2-3 hour
Start PointNanggulan
Tour Timing06.00 / 15.00
Rp 500.000  Rp 400.000

The ROYAL Route

Something closer, better, iconic is the answer for you who has short time visit and want to explore unpopular heritage in oldtown.

Distance 11 km
Duration 3  hour
Start Point Greenhost Boutique Hotel
Tour Timing 06.30 / 15.00
Rp 400.000  Rp 350.000

The Hidden Gems

Prefer cycling in the city area? There are 3 options to find out the unpopular but worth to visit hidden gems in town. Start from city center.

Distance 7 km
Duration 2 hour
Start Point Greenhost Boutique Hotel
Tour Timing06.30 
Rp 250.000  Rp 150.000

Customized Route

Explore otherside of Yogyakarta with your own bicycle, custom route and distance, and enjoy the tour privately.

Distance 16-75 km
Duration 3-4 hour
Start Point By Request
Tour Timing 06.00 
Start from 300.000
Tour Guide
Free: Totebag
Refreshing drinks/snacks