Smart Cycling Tour

Play based learning concept suitable for family with kids. Learning science, social, and some games.

Distance4 km
Duration2 hour
Start PointNanggulan
Tour Timing 06.30  / 15.00
Rp 200.000  Rp 150.000

Nanggulan Fun Cycling

Cycling with several stops to finish all the challenge from us. Recommended for short escape tour.

Distance11 km
Duration 3 hour
Start PointNanggulan
Tour Timing15.30
Rp 400.000  Rp 299.000

The Seen and Unseen

Cycling from pasar to pasar, beat the challenge between them, and see the unseen things.

Distance6 km
Duration4.5 hour
Start PointHonje Resto, Mangkubumi
Tour Timing 06.30  
Rp 350.000  Rp 320.000

Passionate Cycling

Explore the fascinating the countryside, rice fields area, and riding along a river. where all cyclist like it!

Distance 17 km
Duration~ 3  hour
Start PointNanggulan
Tour Timing 06.30  /  15.00
Rp 500.000  Rp 400.000

Campervan & Cycling

Nuvantara's additional experience. Exploring Jogja by campervan and cycling in one day tour.

Distance~ 10 km
Duration~  3 hour
Start PointNanggulan
Tour Timing06.30 / 15.30 
 Rp 299.000
Tour Guide
Free: Totebag
Refreshing drinks/snacks