Yogyakarta's authentic bicycle tour
Let us take you off the beaten path!
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Yogyakarta's Authentic Bicycle Tour

Tour with MOANA provides a refreshing alternative adventure by bicycle to explore Yogyakarta. We do not battle the crowds at touristic destinations promoted in guided books, but turn your attention to friendly local communities and charming excursions into the fascinating lifestyle and culture of real Javanese peopleEvery day is different and every tour is a surprise, as we focus NOT on destinations, but lose ourselves in the enchantment of the journey itself.

Let us take you off the beaten path and show you the real thing, real life, REAL Yogyakarta.


Our Popular Tour

Morning Tour:
The Heritage of Java

Distance~15 km
Meeting time07.15 AM
Meeting PointRaminten Kitchen
Price$45,00  $30

Morning Tour:
The Authentic Village

Distance~10-15 km
Meeting time07.30 AM
Meeting pointat your hotel

Afternoon Tour:
Diversity by Riverside

Distance~15 km
Meeting time2.15 PM
Meeting PointRaminten Kitchen
Price$45,00  $30

Included in tours:

Experience Tour Guide
Experience Tour Guide
Refreshing drinks/snacks


Trekking Tour!

mountain trekking

Mount Merbabu Trekking Tour

A captivating alternative for those who want to explore the mountains and see volcanoes from close distance. Our mountain trekking tour is perfect for the photo enthusiast, non-cyclist, adventure junkies, and anyone with wild desires.


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I've done a few cycling tours with MOANA and I enjoyed every bit of it. Anita and Alfad are the sweetest and it's so nice to have a look at Jogjakarta from a different perspective with some great locals. I'm living in Jogja for 10 months now, but during the tours I felt like I was in completely different world.. Loved it!!
Besides all this, I've also learned a lot about the history of the places we crossed.
I will definitely join again!!


Ikram Sakar - The Netherlands  🇳🇱

Must-do when in Yogyakarta

We spontaneously decided to book a bicycle your and chose MOANA due to the good reviews. We were pleasantly surprised about how much we got to both see and do, and met some lovely people along the way. Anita and Kiki were amazing and showed us places that we definetely would have missed out on if we hadn’t booked this tour. If you’re in Yogyakarta, this is an experience you can’t miss!!! We loved it. Thank you!!

Abdi Almen & Amanda - Switzerland 🇨🇭

See the real Yogyakarta

Had a great afternoon bike rode along the river getting a real insight into local people. The mountain bikes are very high quality and easy to ride. Life by the river and the history of the volcano and how it affected this part of town is amazing. So many smiling people, adults and children, all eager to say hi and shake your hand, I feel privileged to have met them. Time flew by and then I was treated to a local band practicing Indonesian traditional music at the university..... super special. I admire the guys who have set up this initiative to show tourists a piece of local which is insightful and very interesting and I feel humble to have attended and help them to help the local people. I would highly recommend this tou, you will not regret it.


John Deacon - United Kingdom 🇬🇧

See the real Yogyakarta