Sharing tour: The Hidden Gems

Let us take you off the beaten path and show you the real life of people living around the Sultanate area as they braved many obstacles to build a life in Yogyakarta after colonial period. Let your mind virtually travel to the age of hundreds of years ago.

This is a 3-hours-sharing tour contains experience Yogyakarta in a whole new way with our unique bicycle tour led by passionate university students. Our tour takes you on a journey through parts of the city that are off the beaten path, allowing you to discover the real life of friendly locals and their culture.

You will cycle along the riverside of Kalicode, a diverse rural area where you can immerse yourself in the local culture. Explore unusual heritage sites, including temples, old palaces, and hidden sultanate areas that you won't find in guidebooks. Along the way, we will stop to try local signature refreshments and learn about Javanese culture and writings from our knowledgeable road captain.

Ideal for those with limited time, our tour allows you to explore the city comprehensively in just a few hours. You will be back at your hotel in time for breakfast and check-out before noon.

In each tour, we include one package of sustainable action fund to support sustainable tourism program. Join us for unforgettable experience and opportunity to give back to the local community.

Start Tour
07.00 or 14.30
Skill level
Approx. Time
3 hours
11 km


IDR 500,000

Hidden Gems Indonesian Traveler Foreign Traveler**
Normal Price IDR 500,000 IDR 500,000
Special Price* IDR 400,000 IDR 450,000
(Price per person)

*)Special price (discount) are valid only with the use of PROMO CODE.
**)Foreign traveler with English Speaking guide, different local experience that suitable for foreigners, & different price of site's entrance fee. We accept international payment methods (e.g. WISE according its currency)


Add Ons

  • Fotografer 400.000/group
    (Include: Video reels editing)
  • Drone 600.000/group

(Worry free - By booking a tour, you will pay nothing)


Included in tours:

Road Captain
Game & challenge
Local experience
Refreshing drinks/snacks
Free: Totebag
Sustainability Action Fund

February 25, 2024.
Walking Tour Prawirotaman and Making Traditional Drink The walking tour was fun, we learn a hint about history of Prawirotaman area in Yogyakarta. I love the workshop of making traditional drink 'Wedang Sendang Ayu'. Given the experience to find the spices at Pasar Prawirotaman, and get to chance to make new friends!
Eissa M
Eissa M
February 23, 2024.
Making traditional drinks Very nice day one of the good in life ???? I will never forget it with very good friends From different countries we meet in MOANA
Jennifer S
Jennifer S
February 23, 2024.
A good trip! Nice and humble staffs. Thank you! A good trip! Nice and humble staffs. Guide mya baik-baik dan ramah banget. Super friendly dan kalo ada yg mau solo trip ga perlu khawatir.
Dabuan A
Dabuan A
February 23, 2024.
Fantastic Trip My first time but I think it would not be the the last time. It was amazing and good place to explore new friends. I recommend any one to go and hang out with theme.
Melly Ayu W
Melly Ayu W
February 19, 2024.
Happiness Salah satu bucket list untuk mengisi trip solo. Kembalikan menemukan diri ini bersama moana. Menjelajahi sudut kota yogyakarta dengan sudut pandang yang berbeda. Menjadikan tiap jengkalnya lebih berharga dan bermakna. Beginilah salah satu cara yang bisa dilakukan untuk mengenal lebih jauh dari sebuah perjalanan.
February 19, 2024.
coba dadakan ternyata berkesan ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Iseng coba gowes dadakan ternyata dapat pengalaman yang berkesan untuk explore "blusukan" kota Jogja ???? Terima kasih untuk team MOANA respon cepat dan sepedanya keren ???? Terima kasih juga road captain Kak Vian untuk detail penjelasannya dan asik bgt orangnya ????
February 17, 2024.
Breathtaking Views It was a fantastic experience cycling around Naggulan. The views were breathtaking! Our guide, Aziz, and photographer, Dyah, did an excellent job sharing their knowledge about the village and capturing great photos. We will definitely come back and book Moana again.
Ega A
Ega A
February 16, 2024.
Best experiences Thanks, Moana, for the enjoyable cycling experience in nanggulan with guide mas Alfat and photographer mas Sigit. They are humble and a lot of fun. I gained many experiences in Nanggulan, exploring the village, the ecosystem, and much more.
Herdiana R
Herdiana R
February 16, 2024.
Kids Friendly Cycling Tour with Breathtaking view. Memorable Cycling Tour with @moanabiketour Beautiful scenery, super informative guide and lasting memories from our trip. We had a blast! The tour includes bicycle rent, amazing homemade local snacks, tempe making class with the locals and also lots and lots of stories from our super kind Road Captain, mas Vian. Totally recommended for family holiday.
Yodi A
Yodi A
February 15, 2024.
Bike with couple Sepedahan dengan vibes pegunungan yang asri dan sejuk. Selain itu juga bisa mengenal lebih dekat dengan masyarakat sekitar dari aktifitas sehari hari, dan juga pengenalan alam sekitar. Best for healing..

What can you expect from the tour



Discover the hidden gems to experience a different side of the city.


Discover Javanese culture with the guidance of our local tour experts.


Engage with friendly locals and promote sustainable tourism by supporting the local economy.


It's time to embrace the outdoors again! Find joy & gratitude in your meaningful journey.

... plus other interesting experiences and more!

Our Sustainable Tourism Implementation

Contributing to the local economy

Empowering Uni students & local communities

Preserving the environment & culture

Menjelajahi Hidden Gems Jogja dengan Bersepeda

Mengahabiskan waktu liburan di jogja dengan melakukan aktivitas sepedaan di Jogja ke tempat wisata di kota Jogja yang menjadi hidden gems Jogja. Bersepeda dan bekeliling ke destinasi wisata Kota Jogja yang kaya akan wisata sejarah Jogja di masa lampau. Perjalanan wisata kota Yogyakarta, lebih tepatnya di pusat kawasan wisata Keraton Jogja ini memiliki jarak tempuh dan rute yang affordable sehingga memudahkan bagi para wisatawan pemula dalam wisata Jogja Kota ini. 

Tak hanya itu dalam cycling tour Jogja kali ini travellers akan diajak ke tempat sekitar wisata Tamansari dan Keraton Jogja. Melalui berbagai pengalaman di tempat wisata budaya Jogja travellers akan memaknai dan belajar bagaimana sejarah serta budaya Jogja. Selain berkunjung ke wisata budaya di Jogja kami dari penyelenggara bike tour Yogyakarta juga akan mengajak traveller ke berbagai destinasi hidden gems Yogyakarta yang jarang dikunjungi oleh wisatawan. Dan tidak usah kebingungan untuk mencari tempat hidden gems di Jogja karena dalam perjalanan paket city tour ini akan ada berbagai lokasi ke Jogja Hidden Gems yang akan disinggahi.

Things to Do in Jogja to Learn the History of Yogyakarta

The Yogyakarta Special Region, situated in the middle of Java island, is home to hundred cultural heritages. It’s home to Indonesia’s most important archaeological sites like Prambanan, Sultan Palace Yogyakarta, and Tamansari Watercastle. Yogyakarta also has long been known as the center of Javanese culture even until the present times, this is shown by the presence of Keraton palace Yogyakarta and Sultan Hamengkubuwono as Sultan of Yogyakarta. These cultural riches have given Yogyakarta popularity as a cultural tourism destination. If you have no idea about arranging itinerary Yogyakarta or having trouble when arranging rundown trip Jogja to study about history of Jogja. Here are 3 Yogyakarta activities that can make you understand about Yogyakarta history.

1. City tour Yogyakarta
Yogyakarta is a city with rich history and stories. The traditional Yogyakarta capital city was designed by Sultan Yogyakarta Hamengkubuwono I which exhibits Islamic Influence. After that, when the colonial era, the city is built with culture exhibits Dutch, Arabian, Japanese, as well as Chinese cultural element. Therefore, city tour Yogyakarta is the best way to learn about Yogyakarta history, especially if you do with bicycle tour Yogyakarta.

2. Visit Historical Places Hidden Gems Yogyakarta
Many historical places in Yogyakarta are still little known by tourist. For examples pesarean Ledoksari, at Tamansari Yogyakarta; and Bangsal kamandungan, at Sultan Palace Yogyakarta. Whereas, these places also have a lot of historical story. If you want to more understand about historical background of historical hidden places in Jogja you can try to enjoy it with bike tour Yogyakarta.

3. Jogja Food Tour
This may become the best things to di in Yogyakarta to learn history. The culinary in Jogja are delicious, in fact, some of those food have a historical background. Some of the most popular traditional dish with historical background is gudeg, apem, jenang, bakpia, sego kucing, and other delicious treats. Moana as a bike tour Jogja agent can help you to enjoy all top things to do in Yogyakarta above with cycling tour jogja.