1. What is included on a tour?

Except “real rides for cyclist” package, all tour include the following:

  • Experience English speaking local guides
  • Well-maintained bicycle 
  • Bicycle helmet upon request
  • Refreshing snack/drinks
  • Carbon offset fee
  • Eco string bag
  • FREE Reels video editing (only for 2 groups per day)
2. Does the tour visit popular Yogyakarta’s tourist sites?

We pride ourselves in being an alternative to the standard tourist experience by taking our customers "off the beaten path" to show them the REAL Yogyakarta.  Our tours do not go to typical mass tourism attractions or the main roads that has many motor bikes and cars pass by. We go behind the scenes into the local communities to places that are typically inaccessible to the average traveler.  Please do not be concerned about duplicating location visits on your own during the rest of your time in Yogyakarta.

3. Is it too hot to ride a bicycle in Yogyakarta?

Joining one of our bicycle tours in Yogyakarta is a surprisingly refreshing adventure year around.  The activity of cycling will always create a breeze to help cool you down. We are also aided by the fact that Yogyakarta terrain is inherently very flat, and we cycle at a leisurely pace.  In addition, plenty of cold drinks and rest stops along the way will keep you refreshed for the journey.

4. What if it rains?

We will never cancel a tour due to rain except heavy raining!  The weather in Yogyakarta is unpredictable and rain can occur at any time, especially during the rainy season of October-January.  Rain is also a very localized phenomenon, happening in small pockets in places while being completely dry only a few kilometers away.  In our vast experience doing the tours, we know that rains rarely last more than 30 minutes and our guides know very well where to take our customers for cover during the deluge.  In light rain, we provide ponchos to our customers on. Often times, the rain will offer a refreshing break from the tropical heat.

IF the raining is inevitable, you may ask to reschedule the tour or 50% refund.

5. What should I wear on the tour?

We recommend you wear light, comfortable clothing with a hat to keep the sun off your head.  For footwear, we recommend closed shoes or sports sandals for maximum protection and control during your tour.  For your own safety, we discourage the use of ‘flip flops’ as they often compromise the ability of the rider to control his/her bicycle on the tour.  The liberal use of sunscreen is also highly encouraged.

6. What if I couldn’t speak English fluently?

By design, our tours do not contain much talking. Our philosophy is to focus more on the interactive experience of cycling within the local community rather than presentations about facts, figures, or history.  In that respect, language does not play a large factor in your tour experience, and it is unlikely that you will feel like you've missed out on anything by not having a native language guide. 

7. Should I wear helmet?

On our bicycle tours you don’t have to wear a helmet. However, if you feel like wearing a helmet just ask your guide who will provide you one.

8. Do we need to pay full payment if I have my own bike?

MOANA provide you  comfortable bikes that suitable with the path we will go through. Bringing your own bike is allowed as you prefer, however there is no change for the payment. Yes, you will pay full payment to us. 


1. Can I book and pay for my tour on the spot?

Yes!  It's not a problem to pay in cash before the start of your tour HOWEVER you are required to do online booking send send us hotel booking confirmation to keep the bicycle for you at least 1 day before joining the tour.  We are not accepting on the spot booking. We will prepare the bicycle depend on booking information only.

2. Do you take credit card payment?

You could pay using credit card using paypal.

3. What’s your Cancellation policy?
  1. We don’t accept any cancellation for any reason such as lateness, bad weather, etc.
  2. If the tour cancelled by us, we will refund 100% of your payment.
  3. We give you chance to reschedule the cycling tour for 30 upcoming days with 10%more value as we WILL close any order from other customers for your trip at exact date and time.
  4. For company or corporate with special price we don't accept any cancellation and full payment must be paid at least 3 days before the tour date

Additional info: 

Apabila hujan, itu sesuatu yang diluar kendali kami ya...
Namun sepengalaman kami, hujan deras jarang terjadi di atas 30menit, dan kalau hujan dengan intensitas sedang dan memungkinkan untuk tur, kami akan sediakan jas hujan... 😊

Jika di hari H ternyata terjadi hujan dan tidak memungkinkan untuk tour dan kakak sudah terlanjur sampai di lokasi meeting point, tournya bisa di refund 50% per orang atau reschedule dengan extra tambahan 10% cost (max 30 hari dari tanggal pemesanan pertama) kak. Selebihnya tidak bisa diclaim lagi.

Namun jika di hari H tour kakak tidak datang ke lokasi meeting point karena di kota/hotel hujan yang mana belum tentu hujan di lokasi meeting point, maka tour batal dan uang tidak kembali kak. Karena tim kami sudah meluangkan waktu dan perjalanan kesana juga 😊

4. Do you have availability?

Each tour-page has its own dedicated calendar with live availability.


1. Where is the meeting point for the tours?

Please choose each tour and find different starting point depend on which cycling tour you want to choose.

2. What is the best way to get to meeting point?

Take “grab” or “Gojek” application (it is like uber) to meeting point.

3. Do you provide a pick-up service from our hotel?

We don't have. However you could drop us email or Whatsapp to ask us call a driver to pick you up. We request that our customers arrive at the departure point at least 15-30 minutes before tour departure time. Yogyakarta traffic is typically light for morning departures and quite heavy and unpredictable for afternoon departures, so please account for this in your planning.

Watch the video to meet us and see how we benefit to local people.