The folklores around the great temple of Borobudur are as if scattered pieces of puzzle. In this tour, we will bring you to ride bicycles and collect the puzzle pieces on several sites around the Borobudur temple to complete the story of the temple in the end of the tour. You will also do some fun and interesting challenges during the tour that will serve as a new experience in visiting this temple.

Silent Story Borobudur

Duration 3-4 hours
Distance 17 km
Start Tour 06.00
Meeting point Balkondes Borobudur
PRIVATE TOUR ONLY: IDR 700,000  IDR 625,000/person

Experience the enchantment of Borobudur Temple in a way you've never encountered before with MOANA's SILENT STORY BOROBUDUR Tour. This extraordinary tour is an exciting puzzle-hunting adventure in the temple's neighborhood, where you will discover the stories behind the temple's stunning reliefs from the local people living in the area.

Our tour is designed with the aim of assembling a story by collecting pieces of the silent story at several stops around the temple's area. In addition to that, you will have the opportunity to explore the local settlements, learn about the culture and lifestyle of the society, and uncover the lost lake and Buddhist teachings that are still practiced up to this day.

With our SILENT STORY BOROBUDUR Tour, you can experience the splendor and history of the temple, despite entry restrictions in place for preservation. Don't miss this meaningful journey back in time and book now to join us on this captivating adventure.

VVIP cycling Kawasan Candi Borobudur:

Add on : Rp 150,000/orang

Skill level

Approx. time

3-4 jam


17 km

Additional tour info

Meeting point:
1. Plataran Heritage Borobudur Hotel (untuk tamu dari Plataran)
Borobudur, Magelang, Jawa Tengah

2. Balkondes Borobudur
Borobudur, Magelang, Jawa Tengah 

Meeting time:
Mohon datang 15 menit sebelum tur dimulai.


Silent Story Borobudur Indonesian Traveler Foreign Traveler*
1 pax IDR 900,000 IDR 900,000
2-20 pax IDR 550,000 IDR 625,000
(Price per person)

*)Foreign traveler with English Speaking guide, different local experience that suitable for foreigners, & different site's entrance fee. We accept international payment methods (e.g. Credit Card or paypal according to its currency).


Add Ons

  • Add on Fotografer 500.000/group
  • Add on Fotografer untuk 10 orang +/ group : 900.000
  • Add on Drone: 650.000/group
  • Add on Cycling around Borobudur Temple: IDR 150,000/person (indonesian traveler only)
  • Add on Breakfast at Bukit Dagi: IDR 370,000/person (indonesian traveler only)

(Free cancelation before payment. By sending a tour request you will pay nothing.)

Tour Include:

Road captain
Fun Challenge
Local experience
Refreshment drink & snack
Free Totebag
Mangrove Planting Charity

February 6, 2023.
Voor herhaling vatbaar! Prima ontvangst Op tijd vertrokken met twee deskundige gedreven gidsen ( spreken goed Engels)Goede kwaliteit fietsenGoede mix van tempo en uitlegZeer aan te raden!
Dorothea Justin
Dorothea Justin
February 4, 2023.
Mohana Trip 1st time to jogjakarta n I love the outdoor activities . Ive NOT done cycling since 2019 n suddenly at the ASEAN TOURISM FORUM 2023 I Joined the cycling trip at Nanggulan n it was awesome. They took care of me well as I am going thru recovery n looking for wellness holidays Great good job
January 21, 2023.
Amazing cycle tour Amazing way to see Jogja and many sites off the beaten track, guide was really knowledgeable and friendly.
January 20, 2023.
Informative and Fun I really enjoyed getting out into the rice fields and seeing a different pace of life. Passing by the friendly locals and learning more about how they live and farm was an experience not to be missed.Alfat was an informative and fun guide, who shared history, facts and also his own experience of the area. Not just a bike tour, but a chance to learn and exchange.Loved the snack near the end and I think turmeric and tamarind might be a new favourite combination for me!Just a note for travelers: it’s best to organise your return trip if relying on Grab, since it is about 1 hour outside of Yogyakarta.
dian sofianty p
dian sofianty p
January 19, 2023.
Mengayuh Keindahan Pengalaman bersepeda di Nanggulan, Kulonprogo berkesan bagi kami sekeluarga. Suasana asri, pemandangan luar biasa indah, melewati keramah tamahan warga setempat, belajar mengenai science di sekitar dan bisa menikmati cemilan khas warga sekitar sambil ngobrol. Guide dan fotografer kooperatif juga ramah. Insyaallah akan mengulang di track lainnya. Terimakasih
Riri Rahadi
Riri Rahadi
January 12, 2023.
Fun Gowes @Nanggulan bersama Moana Kegiatan gowes keliling persawahan yg luas banget, melewati perdukuhan dgn rumah2 asli di pedesaan, dan masyarakat yang ramah.cukup mengesankan?, apalagi sempat mampir ke home industri makanan dan minuman khas setempat, lumayan mengganjal perut yang lapar dan haus juga ? Jalur yang dilewati sekitar 10 km, relatif flat, cocok buat goweser pemula, jarak yg relatif jauh nggak terasa melelahkan karena fun bgt . Buat goweser yg skillful, disarankan pilih jenis tur yang lain, yg challenging dan rutenya lbh pnjang.Road captainnya keren, anak muda yg enerjik, dan memberi penjelasannya menarik bak tour guide profesional. Kmrn kami gowes sore sekitar 2,5 jam. Mungkin akan lbh fun lg kl durasi kegiatannya disamakan dgn yg pagi ( sekitar 3 jam-an ). Sepeda yg dipakai so far cukup nyaman, bisa milih pula sesuai size tinggi badan. Sarannya: ditmbhn pelapis jok( sadel) spy lbh nyaman dan gk panas bila duduk lama.Recommended activity?
January 11, 2023.
Fun & unforgettable trip Pengalaman baru buat kami sekeluarga jalan2 naik sepeda keliling Kulonprogo, seger sepanjang jalan liat2 pemandangan hijau, super cantik & orang2 lokal yg ramah.. terima kasih banyak mbak Alga dan mas Leo, banyak diceritain sama mbak Alga sepanjang jalan.. sampai coba makanan lokal yg tentunya enak buatan warga sekitar. semoga Moana semakin banyak rutenya dan semakin sukses selalu.. ??
January 10, 2023.
Super nice experience Seru ! Biking with a view sawah en gunung. Dan untuk anak2 ada kegiatan yang fun dan mendidik juga.Next time kalo visit Jogja mau ikut tour lagi ??
January 9, 2023.
Great cycling experience Cycling around different corners of the rice fields and experiencing different views and routes. Experiencing village homemade drinks such as soymilk, and packing fermented tempe was also a big plus experience.

What you can expect from the tour...


IMG_5050 interesting experience and much more.

Our Sustainable Tourism Implementation

Contributing to the local economy

Empowering Uni students & local communities

Preserving the environment & culture

Menikmati Wisata Candi Borobudur dengan Cara yang Berbeda

Tur sepedaan di Jogja ini merupakan wisata Borobudur terbaru. Dalam paket wisata borobudur kali ini kami mengajak samoa untuk menikmati wisata sepeda borobudur. Tak hanya borobudur kami juga akan mengajak samoa bersepeda ke tempat wisata Borobudur dan sekitarnya, yang juga akan didamoingi Borobudur tour guide sebagai teman perjalanan dan akan memberikan informasi seputar sejarah dan kebudayaan Candi Borobudur.

Melalui Borobudur tour package dan perjalanan wisata candi Jogja kami mengajak samoa untuk belajar sejarah dan kebudayaan Candi Borobudur dengan mengikuti rangkaian aktivitas cycling tour jogja.

Borobudur Cycling Tour, One of the Best Things to Do in Yogyakarta

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