Chinese Route

28 January 2023
4 February 2023
Sustainable Acts with MOANA

Are you looking for a new experience for the Lunar New Year's holiday this year? Let’s explore Yogyakarta, a place where Chinese community lives harmoniously in diversity. We will show you the existence of the Chinese community, hunt local food at a traditional market, and find the hidden story of Chinese life in Yogyakarta by cycling!

Did you know that Chinese community back then had an important role in the development of history and cultures existing in Yogyakarta? Many of those historical stories are neglected and remain untold, whereas we should revive them to gain experiences, get inspirations, and learn about our own identity as a nation.

Through Chinese Route, MOANA will bring you to dive deeper into the Chinese community in Yogyakarta and be enthralled by the diversity and simplicity of their harmonious living within the other cultures and ethnicities.

Wrapped up in an 8-kilometer-long route started at Graha Sabha Pramana UGM, you will find new things and new experiences. If you're up for something new and different in Yogyakarta, this route is definitely for you!


Tour Package Includes:
  • Bicycle
  • Experienced Road Captain
  • Eco-String Bag
  • New experience
  • Local Donation
  • Chinese Market Exploration


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Price for 1 Participant : @Rp 300.000/pax
Price for 2 Participants : @Rp 275.000/pax

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Cycling tour in Chinese Temple Yogyakarta
Tourist trying the Chinese cultural experience in a bicycle tour
Group cycling tour at Chinese temple in Yogyakarta