Biking Basic Tips

Here are four basic bicycling tips

Dealing with locals

Our tours make use of small side streets, alleyways, and footpaths to deliver an urban adventure that will give you chance to get involved with local people. This is some suggestion for joining the tour:

  • Yogyakarta's people are friendly and love to saying hello to foreigners.
  • Keep smile and wave your hand.
  • Say "Monggo" to local people you meet. It is kind of warm regards and common to say it to people we meet in Java.
  • Drive slowly when pass small street around people.

Protect Yourself

Properly-fitted helmets provide protection from a potentially life-threatening head injury. However our tour is more explore hidden places and not following the main road. We will provide helmet upon request for your safety.

Wear your helmet per manufacturer directions.


Be Visible and Alert

Even if you obey all traffic laws, there is always a risk of a collision.

  • Remember: In Indonesia, we drive on left side, not right side.
  • Use hand signals before making turns or changing lanes to warn traffic around you.
  • Follow our guide sign and let our guide help you to cross the traffic.

Included in tours:

Rent Bicycle
Experience Tour Guide
Donation for local community