Village Fun Cycling

BEST SELLER! Cycle through the natural landscape: rivers, hills, and ricefields and experience local activities like interacting with locals, making tempe, and trying traditional food. It is suitable for first timers visiting Yogyakarta or even domestic tourists!

Distance11 km
Duration 3 hours
Meeting PointMOANA Nanggulan
Available Start Tour07.00 or 14.30
Rp 450.000  Rp 350.000

The Hidden Gems


Starting from the city centre, let us take your off the beaten path and find out the unusual but worth seeing hidden gems in Yogyakarta. This is an alternative side of Jogja experience.

Distance 11 km
Duration 3 hours
Start Point MOANA Prawirotaman
Available Start Tour 07.00 or 14.30
IDR 500,000  IDR 400,000

The ROYAL Route

It is the first-ever route MOANA launched. Starting from the city centre, we will guide you to unique, historical, and culturally-significant places in Yogyakarta. You'll get the chance to explore the Old Town's labirynth that only a few people know.

Distance 15 km
Duration 3 hours
Meeting PointMOANA Prawirotaman
Available Start Tour 07.00 or 14.30
Rp 550.000  Rp 450.000

Smart Cycling Tour

Bring your kids and let's have a play-based-learning bike tour! This tour will bring you and your children to nature and learn about science, empathy, and social skills.
*Kids friendly - for Indonesian traveler only

Distance11 km
Duration3 hours
Meeting PointMOANA Nanggulan
Available start tour07.00 or 14.30
Rp 350.000 Rp 325.000

Silent Story Borobudur

Complete the puzzle of the silent story on Borobudur temple and enjoy the view around the UNESCO Heritage temple by bicycle! This route is only suitable for people with intermediate cycling skill.

Distance17 km
Duration 3 hours
Meeting PointMOANA Borobudur (Nalaya)
Available Start Tour07.00 AM
Rp 650.000  Rp 550.000

Royal & Market Marvels

Discover the city's rich history  iconic landmarks - SOLO/Surakarta on a fun cycling tour. Immerse yourself in the Spirit of Java as you pedal through charming streets, visit cultural sites, and indulge in delicious culinary delights. 

Distance8-10 km
Duration3 hours
Meeting PointGedung Djuang Solo
Available Start Tour07.00 AM
Rp 350.000  Rp 250.000

The Glorious Lion City

Spend your day in Singapore with this two-day bike tour. In this tour, you will be guided to ride bicycles around the city centre, enjoy the view of Marina Bay Sand in the evening, and try unforgettable delicious local seafood.

Jarak tempuh11 - 15 km per tour
Durasi 3-4 hours per tour
Start tourDay 1: 18.00  |  Day 2: 06.00 
Meeting pointIBIS Bencoolan, Singapore
IDR 6.000.000 (available upon request)

Merapi Short trekking & Jeep Adventure

Experience the thrill of exploring Gunung Merapi's rugged terrain and lush greenery. Embark on an adventure-filled journey through the national park, complete with Jeep rides and encounters with nature's wonders.

Jarak tempuh3 km
Durasi 3-4 jam
Start tour08.00 
Meeting pointKalikuning, Kaliadem
IDR 350.000 IDR 300.000
Free: Eco-String bag
Tour Guide
Refreshing drinks/snacks
Sustainability Action Fund
Add on Photographer:
FREE Reels video editing.

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Bersepeda di Jogja sebagai Alternatif Destinasi Wisata Jogja yang Membosankan

Trip di Jogja merupakan sebuah pilihan yang sangat populer untuk menghabiskan waktu liburan di Jogja. Terdapat banyak sekali Tur Jogja, Tour Jogja, dan wisata unik Jogja yang dapat dilakukan saat sedang jalan-jalan di Jogja. Biasanya, yang dimasukkan dalam itinerary Jogja dan Itinerary Yogyakarta wisatawan kebanyakan adalah wisata Jogja, wisata di Jogja, Wisata Yogyakarta. Padahal, ada banyak sekali opsi-opsi lain saat sedang jalan2 di Jogja selain objek wisata di yogyakarta dan objek wisata di jogja, seperti tour Jogja. Salah satu tur Jogja yang bisa dilakukan saat sedang jalan-jalan di Jogja baik saat bersama maupun solo trip Jogja adalah wisata sepeda Jogja atau tour sepeda Jogja. Tour sepeda Jogja atau juga bisa disebut bike tour atau bike tours adalah kegiatan berkeliling area destinasi wisata Jogja atau destinasi wisata di kota Jogja dengan menggunakan sepeda. Tour ini bisa dibilang sebagai salah satu wisata Jogja terbaru karena menawarkan banyak rute wisata Jogja, rute sepeda di Jogja, dan jalur sepeda di Jogja. Trip Yogyakarta kalian akan menjadi lebih menyenangkan dan bermakna dengan bersepeda di Jogja, sepedaan di Jogja, dan gowes di Jogja. Banyak sekali pilihan Yogyakarta tour package termasuk paket wisata sepeda Yogyakarta dalam bentuk Jogja city tour, city tour Yogyakarta, dan Jogja private tour. MOANA merupakan salah satu penyedia paket wisata sepeda di Jogja yang bisa dicoba, baik untuk tour Jogja dengan sepeda bersama atau grub maupun saat sedang solo travelling ke jogja. 

Menikmati wisata Jogja dengan Bersepeda bersama MOANA Sustainable Bicycle Tour

Setiap tahunnya, ada banyak sekali wisatawan yang melakukan trip Yogyakarta karena banyak sekali pilihan wisata Jogja yang bisa dikunjungi. Travel agent menyediakan banyak sekali brosur paket wisata Jogja dengan berbagai pilihannya. Salah satu kegiatan yang dapat dicoba untuk menghabiskan Jogja trip kalian adalah dengan wisata sepeda Jogja bersama MOANA Sustainable Bicycle Tour. MOANA menghadirkan cycling tour yang berbeda dari yang lainnya. Cycling tours kami mencoba menghadirkan perspektif Jogja yang sebenarnya kepada para wisatawan. Cycling tour Jogja MOANA akan membuat tour Yogyakarta kalian lebih bermakna dengan menyusuri jalan-jalan kecil dan bertemu warga lokal serta mencoba kegiatan-kegiatan mereka. Wisata di jogja anti mainstream dengan bersepeda ini memiliki banyak pilihan seperti city tour Jogja, Jogja food tour, dan wisata instagrammable Jogja. Tour sepeda MOANA dapat dilakukan saat sedang bersama keluarga, outing kantor, maupun saat traveling ke jogja sendirian.

Bersepeda dengan Rekan-rekan Kerja Bisa Jadi Pilihan Outing Kantor di Jogja yang Menyenangkan

Brosur paket wisata Jogja untuk Outing kantor di Jogja biasanya hanya menawarkan jasa penyewaan kendaraan dan kunjungan wisata. Wisata sepeda Jogja dengan MOANA menghadirkan banyak pilihan yang lebih menyenangkan untuk kegiatan outing kantor saat sedang tour in Jogja. Harga paket wisata Jogja dengan tour sepeda Jogja MOANA sangat pas dengan kegiatan-kegiatan yang akan dilakukan. Selain bisa memilih kegiatan bersepeda di Jogja, kalian juga dapat memilih kegiatan lain seperti wisata outbond jogja dan kegiatan outing kantor di Jogja. Kalian tidak perlu repot-repot mengatur itinerary Jogja kalian karena MOANA suda membuatkan itinerary Yogyakarta selama tour sepeda Jogja. Ayo, gowes di Jogja bersama MOANA Sustainable Bicycle Tour.

Want to tours in Yogyakarta? Here recommendation What to do in Yogyakarta.

Yogyakarta tourist attraction are various, and therefore it’s on everyone Jogja vacation bucket list. During itinerary Jogja 3d2n it is best things to do in Jogja to visit hidden gem places, have experience of cultural activities, and taste the traditional food. Following our travel guide Jogja to have best experience in Yogyakarta city of philosophy.

1. Prambanan Temple
Prambanan temple is the largest hindu temple in Indonesia, and became the one most things to see in Yogyakarta. Many tourists visit Yogyakarta because they want to see the grandeur, complexity, and the fullness of its architectural of Prambanan Temple.

2. Keraton Yogyakarta Palace
The next place Yogyakarta what to see is Keraton Yogyakarta palace, the palace building of Keraton Yogyakarta who has rule this region since 1755. It is the best places in Yogyakarta to learn about authentic Yogyakarta tradition. If you are doing bike tour Yogyakarta around this palace don’t forget to taste Yogyakarta traditional food the name is Apem.

3. Malioboro
Next, Places to visit in jogja is Malioboro, the major shopping street in Yogyakarta. This place is the most popular tourist destination in Yogyakarta. If you have a question what to do in Jogja at night, don’t worry, because Malioboro will be busier and crowded at night.

4. Kaliurang
The next one beautiful places in Yogyakarta is kaliurang, located about 25 km north of Yogyakarta. It is a resort town where tourist can enjoy cool air, views, and extensive forested for Jogja adventure. Kaliurang became famous places in Yogyakarta to visit when holiday. Traditional food Yogyakarta you can enjoy here named jadah tempe.

5. Nanggulan
The next location must visit jogja is Nanggulan, located about 30 km west of Yogyakarta. One of the popular Yogyakarta activities you can do here is cycling Yogyakarta. This place known as the one of the best route for cycling tour Jogja because the beautiful combination landscape of wide rice fields, Menoreh hill, and Progo River. Best food in Yogyakarta you can try here is called geblek.

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